Bayimba festival, Lunkulu island metamorphosed

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Bayimba is a festival of arts organized in Uganda. This year, it is in its eleventh edition and brings a very moving innovation that will, without a doubt, enjoy festival-goers: It will be held from 02 to May 05, 2018 on the island Lunkulu, in Lake Victoria and offers a relaxing atmosphere.

The festival will welcome artists from all sides and this adventure will surely secure Bayimba Festival’s name on the scene of Uganda and world music. While waiting for everything to start, I propose, in pictures, the atmosphere around the preparations that started since Monday and, rest assured, this is only a foretaste.

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The atmosphere around the finish

As one of the first people to land on Lukunlu Island for the Bayimba Festival, let me take you to the internal kitchen of the teams preparing the site to welcome festival-goers.


We all arrived by canoe


Some food for survival in the jungle


The camp is all ready for the night

Sleeping in a tent must be exciting even before the nightfall



I feel better in a wheelbarrow


And if we set a slick line?


Let’s see if we have balance


It’s easy if we hold hands


It turns to acrobatics


It’s hot in Africa, anti-inflammatories are good

Communion with nature

The Bayimba Festival has chosen its site in the uninhabited part of Lunkulu Island. There are plenty of insects and reptiles here. The most prominent are dragonflies and egrets but the most feared are the snakes even if they remain naturally discreet.


It’s time to blast off


An egret tree is a tree which produces egrets


We watch the sea from above


I am small but you will always see me because I dominate the island


Floating trees also exists in Lunkulu Island

JustaHub and Africa Collective Metamorphose Lunkulu Island

JustaHub, an art platform based  in Scotland is collaborating with Congolese artists (DRC) from the Kongoloko Collective and Afrika Collective, a Ugandan collective of artists Together they have been working on the design of the stages on the island as well as on the decoration.

The vestige of our passage on Lunkulu Island

A tree can serve as both a chair and coat rack


Swings made in Lunkulu by Afrika Collective


A swing in the middle of the wooden furniture


Spotlights to illuminate the forest


Decors overwhelm the island


Justalokohub imposes a decor on the face of the Congolese Kitenge


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